Liting Duan

Assistant Professor


Phone: 3943 8268

Peiyuan Huang

Graduate Student, from 2019.08

B.S. in Chemistry, Nanjing University

Yutong Song

Graduate Student, from 2019.08

Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship (HKPFS) [link]

B.S. in Biological Science, University of California, Davis

Yijin Wang

Graduate Student, from 2019.08

co-supervised with Prof. Renjie ZHOU

B.S. in Molecular and cellular biology, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Xiaoying Liu

Graduate Student, from 2020.08

B.S. in Pharmaceutical Science, Peking University

Zhihao Zhao

Graduate Student, from 2021.08

CUHK Vice-Chancellor's Ph.D. Scholarship [link]

B.S. in Basic Medical Science, Sichuan University

Xiaokun Yan

Graduate Student, from 2021.08

B.S. in Chemistry, Renmin University of China

Linyu Xu

Research Assistant, from 2021.08

M.Sc. in BME, CUHK